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An Amazing Trip to NYC

I am back from New York! Well, actually before I say that, the reason why I went to New York; Disney’s Friends for Change and AllyKatzz recognized me at the AllyKatzz Tween Summit. It was a blast! Fun at every turn!

The Tween Summit brought together tween girls from all over the country. It was so exciting to share my efforts with them and to come together to help the people in New York. With a super generous donation from Bonnie Plants and the help from my friends at Disney’s Friends for Change I had a booth there were the girls attending the summit planted herb gardens with Cilantro, Flat Italian Parsley, and Basil in them. The planters were then donated to the New York Coalition for the Homeless and other NYC organizations that help people in need. My booth looked amazing! Thank you Mr. Bryan for your creativity and help!!! Thank you to all the girls who worked to so hard to help grow Katie’s Krops in NYC!

The summit had some great keynote speakers, my favorite Heather O’Reilly a soccer player for the woman’s national team who gave an inspiring speech about self confidence. She shared a lot about her experiences with self confidence, about rising to the challenge and surrounding yourself with positive people.

I received an ALLY award.  This award was really special because it was presented by Tiffany Thornton!!! Yes Tiffany Thornton. She was so nice and what a huge honor to be selected. Thank you Tiffany!

I ended the night with walking down the pink carpet! I got my picture taken with Kicking Daisies, Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton. Then I saw Tiffany again in her dressing room, who I felt like I’d known for a while (that is how nice she is she made me feel like a true friend!). I also met Mitchel. They performed and amazing concert! Thank you so much Bonnie Plants, AllyKatzz and Disney’s Friends for Change!!! I am inspired more than ever to make my dream of a garden in every state a reality.

Tiffany Thornton & me

The Pink Carpet with Tiffany, Mitchel Musso & Kick Daisies!

Monique Coleman & I donate herb gardens to the New York Coalition for the Homeless!

Coach Bill Buldini- You are a Hero!

Today I saw a very sad story posted on the front page of Yahoo. It was about a Florida football coach who let a homeless player live with him. The coach is now suspended and he and the school are being fined thousands of dollars. The reason? By letting the player live with him he violated a Florida High School Athletic Association code. The code states that no school employee or representative of the school's athletic department can provide or promise free or reduced-cost housing for a potential athlete in their program.  That is just truly sad. The coach should be rewarded for his actions, not punished. If I were that homeless kid, I would be happy that someone stepped in to help me. It is not his fault he is homeless. But now, he is suspended from the team and got the coach in trouble. I see homeless kids at the shelter and know them, they are my friends. These kids need to be part of a team. They need to be supported by their community. They don’t need to feel like they are being punished for being homeless. We need more people like Coach Bill Buldini in the world. Mr. Buldini, I support you, don’t let anyone get you down. You did the right thing.

Welcoming Yokoso & Pork Chop to the Katie's Krops Family!

My adventures with Mr. Bob continue! Today I went to an interesting event.......the chicken auction. Okay well it wasn't just a chicken auction but that is why I was there. Mr. Bob built a chicken coop, out of what else...... pallets. So Katie's Krops has embarked on a new adventure. Which is why we bought Yokoso and Pork Chop!!! They will provide eggs for the soup kitchen. And the best part is they were only $11 and will give a ton of eggs!! When they acclimate to their new home they should lay about 1 egg per day!!! A dozen eggs per week!!!! Can't wait to start collecting their eggs!



Pork Chop



"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try" -John F. Kennedy


I went to Cape Cod Massachusetts for a summer vacation. While I was there I saw a mug with this quote on it from President John F. Kennedy. This is my favorite quote because not only do I believe it’s true, I know it’s true. Take Ms. Elaine, a friend of ours who lives in The Palmetto House. Ever since Mr. Colin had to leave the homeless shelter, Ms. Elaine has taken care of the garden. She’s ridden her bike for miles to look at fences and fruit trees. Ms. Elaine didn’t have to do any of this, but she chose to make a difference, and it really shows. I love the way Ms. Elaine always works to make the garden could be bigger and better and more beautiful. Thank you Ms. Elaine for the difference you’ve made at The Palmetto House garden. I may have said this over and over again, but it is true. ANYONE can make a difference, and like John F. Kennedy says, everyone should try.  



New School Year!


As Phineus and Ferb would say (wait a second, Ferb doesn’t say much, so as Phineus would say), 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along to end it, the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Well that’s not the case for me. I had a blast this summer working in my gardens, swimming, and playing tennis. School starts in two days. New year. New grade. Fresh start. And I have a locker now!!!! I am really excited about starting 6th grade!

                There are so many exciting things I am working on this year like working with a school in South Africa and starting a huge composting program in my school! I also see chickens in my near future.  That is just a sneak preview of the year ahead!   I also will be working closely with my 6th grade science class, planting seeds, testing soil, and creating “potions” to keep deer and fire ants away!

                Fall planting season is getting closer and closer.  We plan to have a big crop of lettuce this year. We will be using a lot of the seeds from Disney too! Thanks again Disney Gardeners at the Land in Epcot for all your help and support! And thanks to Mr. Bob and his AWESOME greenhouse we will be able to start tons of seeds there!!! We are going to re-till the Pine Forest garden to plant potatoes too. I can’t wait! I would go on and on in this blog but it there is a lot to do and I promise I will keep you posted on all of my new garden adventures!