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282 Pounds of Pear

What a great day! We picked 282 pounds of pears to donate to the soup kitchens from the garden! Thanks to my friends for helping me. I know it was hot and sticky but I couldn't have done it without you! Everything is always better with friends and I have some of the best!





I want to thank everyone out there for voting for me! I really appreciate everyone’s votes and support! Every vote helps me reach closer to my  goal of two new  vegetable gardens to feed people in need! I couldn’t do Katie’s Krops without everyone’s support! Thank you for voting daily for me!



The face of homelessness


I don’t know what I used to think homelessness looked like but I know what I didn’t think it looked like. I didn’t think that homelessness looked like families just like mine but it does. I know homeless people. They are my friends and my supporters. I don’t think any of these people thought they would be homeless but so often bad things happen to good people. I have met children and their families that don’t have a place to call home. It is such a blessing that there are places like the Palmetto House where they can go, eat and live until their situation changes. Next time you see a homeless shelter, think of the people, the families just like yours. If you have any old toys, clothes, shoes, soaps and of course food and vegetables please donate them to your local shelter and you can help people, people just like you and me.

Thank You Sodexo!

A lot of times, you don’t realize what you’ve done or what a difference you’ve made until someone tells you.  On Thursday (June 10) I had the privilege of going to Washington DC to be honored by the Sodexo Foundation and receive the STOP Hunger Grant/Scholarship.  The trip introduced me to so many amazing people. I met employees from Sodexo and four other scholarship recipients, who just like me, have a goal to end hunger. While there, Sodexo made two generous donations, one for Katie’s Krops and another for my education.  I also fit in some sight-seeing, going to the Washington, Lincoln, and World War II memorials as well as a quick trip to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. While I was in D. C I thought of some new fresh ideas and now I’m ready to start taking words into action and start on new projects.  I look forward to working with my new friends and try new strategies to fight hunger.  Thank you Sodexo it is a huge honor to be selected as a Sodexo Scholar and I promise I will make you proud!!!!

My Trip to Tri County

My Trip to Tri County Family Ministries