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BI-LO & Dole Helping Us Grow

We are very excited to announce a new partnership that will help us continue to grow. Starting today, October 9th, BI-LO and Dole will support our efforts to empower kids to end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time. For the next two-weeks, everytime you purchase three pounds, or more, of Dole Banannas at your local BI-LO store, a donation will be made to Katie's Krops. When you stop by buy to purchase your Dole Banannas, we would love if you could stop by the BI-LO customer service counter and thank them for helping us grow. This promotion will run until October 22nd. A big thank you to BI-LO and Dole for supporting our efforts.

Join Us As We Celebrate The 3 Year Anniversary of the Katie's Krops Dinner


Three years ago, our Founder, Katie, who at the time was only 12-years-old, attempted to make a delivery of fresh produce from her Katie's Krops Gardens to the only full-time soup kitchen in Summerville. She found a note on the door which read that due to financial issues, the soup kitchen had to shut their doors. Knowing how many people in our community needed access to free, healthy meals, Katie, along with the support of her friends, teachers, parents and the head of food services at her school, created 'The Katie's Krops Dinner,' a garden to table dinner for anyone in need of a healthy meal.


Over the course of three years, these dedicated young volunteers, who themselves prepare, cook and serve every meal, have provided a healthy and free meal to thousands of individuals in need in our community. On average now, the young Katie's Krops Crew serves 120 people per dinner. Every meal is based on the harvest from the Katie's Krops gardens and is healthy, well balanced and free and everyone is always welcome to join us at the Katie's Krops Dinner table!


Please join us at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22nd at Summerville Baptist Church as we celebrate the three year anniversary of the Katie's Krops Dinner. In addition to a free, healthy, garden to table dinner, we will host a children's book giveaway and a cake walk. Summerville Baptist is located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina.


Join us as we celebrate how youth in our community have come together to create a positive change through one garden, one dinner, and one healthy meal at a time.



Please Join Us for the September Katie's Krops Dinner

Please join us at the Katie's Krops dinner table on Thursday, September 19th at 6:00 p.m. The dinner will be held at Summerville Baptist Church located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina. The garden to table dinner is always hot, healthy and FREE. Everyone is welcome at the Katie's Krops dinner table. All of our dinners are based on the harvest from our gardens. Every meal is prepared and served by youth.

If you would like to support our dinners please visit our wish list. Your support is greatly apprecaited and necessary in order to allow us to keep feeding the Lowcountry. 

We are Proud to Announce the 2013 Volunteer & Grantee of the Year

Katie's Krops is proud to announce the '2013 Volunteer of the Year' and the '2013 Grantee of the Year'. Katie Smoak , age 17, of Summerville has been named the 2013 Katie's Krops Volunteer of the Year. Katie is a senior at the Pinewood Preparatory School and has been a dedicated Katie's Krops volunteer for several years working in the garden and spending the past two years cooking and serving meals for families in need as part of the Katie's Krops Dinners.

"Katie has been a true leader, supporting and guiding our younger volunteers. Most importantly, Katie gets to know the people we support at Katie's Krops. She takes the time to talk with them, find about their needs and then addresses them. We are thrilled to have her as part of our Katie's Krops Crew,” noted Stacy Stagliano, President of Katie's Krops.

Along with the honor comes a $500 scholarship for her education.

Ted Colwell, age 12, of Wisconsin was name the 2013 Katie’s Krops Grantee of the Year. Ted has been growing with Katie's Krops for three years. He has grown thousands of pounds of healthy, fresh food for families in need in his community. This year, he has stepped up to mentor new Katie's Krops growers from Maine to Hawaii. He too received a scholarship for his education.

"Ted has gone so above and beyond what is required of our grantees. He is not only growing an amazing harvest but he is inspiring, supporting and encouraging other young growers," said Katie Stagliano, Founder of Katie's Krops.

Both Katie and Ted were surprised with their awards at the first Katie's Krops Camp, which was held this summer with the generous support of W.P. Rawl. As part of the camp experience, the young growers, along with the support of the regular dedicated Katie's Krops crew, held a Katie's Krops Dinner in Columbia. The two young volunteers were honored in front of the 140 guests attending the dinner.


Join us for the August Katie's Krops Dinner

Please join us at the Katie's Krops dinner table on Thursday, August 22nd. Dinner is served at 6pm at Summerville Baptist Church which is located at 417 Central Avenue in Summerville, South Carolina. The dinner is always healthy, hot, & FREE. Every dinner our youth volunteers serve is based on the harvest from our gardens. Everyone is welcome at the Katie's Krops dinner table. Please help us make sure no one in the Lowcountry of South Carolina goes hungry on August 22nd and spread the word about our free and healthy dinner.